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This blog is a place for me to document behind-the-scenes processes and projects. I love web design, animation, illustration and Craft!

This portrait of ‘Shere khan’ was the second oil painting comission I completed in December. The client wanted a Christmas present for their mother, and requested a portrait of her bengal cat. The client also loved my Victorian animal series and asked for the cat to be dressed in a Victorian outfit. I studied photos and video that the client provided in order to get an idea of Shere Khan’s personality, and suggested an explorer theme for the painting.

I opened oil painting commissions towards the end of 2018 and completed two pet portraits at the end of December.

The first commission to be completed was a portrait of ‘Mac’. The client requested that the cat be wearing a witch’s hat and holding a wand in the painting. As the client’s cat was named for Professor MacGonagall in Harry Potter, the wand design is based on the character’s wand.

I recently finished a custom pendant that has gone all the way to Norway! The request was for a purple unicorn with rainbow hair. It also had to be as cute as possible while still keeping the proportions of a real horse.

Here are some photos that I took right before the pendant was posted. I am sorry they are a bit blurry as I had to use my cell phone camera!


Custom cell phone cozy, crocheted with soft acrylic grey wool. © http://www.squibble.org 2012

An update showing an almost completed motif!