Tonight I am going to Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away which is being shown down by the waterfront here in Wellington! The last time I saw this was at the Civic Theatre in Auckland so it will be great to see it on the big screen again. I will also be live blogging and testing out Storify! If all goes well, this page should automatically update as I share Ghibli-related links and photos of the event. Have a great evening everyone!

It's not often you find an original 1980's theatrical release poster for one of your favourite animated films here in New Zealand, but that's just what happened in November!

Art once again beautifully framed by Eyeball Kicks on Cuba St.

I couldn't believe my luck and made the quick decision to purchase the poster. It has now been framed and is taking pride of place on the living-room wall.

Over the weekend we went out dinner at our friends' house, and they showed us this amazing-looking trailer for a Chinese anime by B&T Studios called 'Da Hai':

"Da Hai" chinese animation from redbaka on Vimeo.

The film is set for release in China on November 11th 2015, and I am hoping it will eventually make its way here in a film festival!

The story revolves around a girl from an unseen parallel world who is transformed into a dolphin on her sixteenth birthday so she can explore the human world.

We all know Mickey Mouse as the cute loveable Disney mascot. Mickey Mouse also appears at the beginning of Disney animated feature films in his role as Steamboat Willie.

It seems that Thursday is fast becoming 'Animation Day'! Today I attended another Don Bluth seminar, and also recorded another episode of the Tradigital Animator Podcast with Ibis Fernandez.

Today among other things, we talked about the short documentary 'The Life and Times of Pluto', featured on Byron Caldwell's blog Animopus. One of the Pluto films featured in the clip is 'Mickey's Elephant' from 1936: