I am just over halfway through 36 Days of Type! I have been having a great time trying out new styles and tools, and am pretty pleased with the results.

I am planning to re-do some of the illustrations after the project is over and possibly make a small zine.

Pastel Tribal Pattern:

I originally made a version of this pattern for the MIID 2015 Summer School. Afterwards I started designing a pastel version, which I finally got around to finishing last week!

I now have products featuring this design available at Society6, Print All Over Me, Redbubble, and ArtofWhere.

Gold Steel Jewellery Designs

Here are some photos of my recent 3d printing projects! This is my first attempt at printing anything in Shapeways' gold steel option, and I loved how everything turned out! Pictured below, are four rings and a bangle.

3d Printed Gold Steel Jewellery by Squibble Design

The bangle is an experiment of sorts, I tried up-scaling one of the ring models. It turned out perfectly except for my own error - incorrectly measuring the inner diameter of one of my existing bangles. Unfortunately this means it is too small for me by just 4mm, but I will have it for sale on Saturday at Craft Central.

Ceramic Jet Plane Lolly Dish

As the Eskimo lolly dish turned out so well, I designed a test ceramic Jet Plane dish. It looks so cute, I will definitely be ordering more of these!


Blogging has taken back seat recently as I have been spending all my spare time preparing for the market this Saturday. I have a mountain of prints, stationery, jewellery, plushies, and accessories ready for my table and I can't wait! This is the only market I will be doing this year, so pop along and say hi!

Craft Central

Saturday 3rd October 10am - 3pm
St James Theatre

I have always wanted to make ceramic pieces, but do not have access to a kiln. I took part in Shapeways pilot program for porcelain and am very pleased with my test pieces! They exceeded my expectations and the quality and finish are exactly what I was hoping for.

My first experiment was a tiny hexagonal ring dish created entirely in Google Sketchup. I love the nesting geometric Kaleido trays by Hay Design, and these were the inspiration for my brightly-coloured miniature ceramic version.