Here are some of the designs I have recently completed! You can find many different products featuring the following designs in my Redbubble and Society6 stores:

Designs available by Squibble Design at Society6 and Redbubbble
Designs available by Squibble Design at Society6 and Redbubbble

I wasn't sure if I would have time to do 36daysoftype this year, but I am going to try and squeeze it in along with my other projects!

Here are my letters from week one:

Squibble Design - 36Daysoftype: A

Squibble Design - 36Daysoftype: B

Squibble Design - 36Daysoftype: C

Squibble Design - 36Daysoftype: D

Squibble Design - 36Daysoftype: E

Squibble Design - 36Daysoftype: F

I am using this year's 36daysoftype to practice with Illustrator's 3d tools. Normally I would use the 3d tools in Photoshop for this kind of extrusion, but I am enjoying learning an alternative technique.

A little while ago I received the first proof of my Inktober Cats 2017 Zine. I have made a few edits since then and the zine is now available at

I know this is a little late, but here is a video preview of the zine, which not only contains all the daily drawings but some preparatory sketches also!

Inktober Cats Book from Squibble Design on Vimeo.

There were four fun challenges to complete as optional extras for MIID Winter School 2018 as well as the Intermediate and Advanced creative briefs.

Intermediate Fun Challenge 1: Seasonal Colours

The task involved taking a photo while out and about that represented the colours of the season. As it is currently summer here in New Zealand, I went to the beach and enjoyed my afternoon taking photos at the seaside. I picked a few colours from the photo to make a colour palette which you can see below:

Seasonal Colours
Seasonal Colours

I am currently taking part in the MIID Winter School, creating surface pattern designs for both the intermediate and advanced tracks. I have just submitted the last briefs for both tracks.

Intermediate Creative Brief 2: Kabuki's Kingdom

For my take on the brief, I looked to traditional Japanese Kabuki theatre set designs and was inspired by painted backdrops. There is also a nod to the traditional striped theatre curtain in my pattern design, overlaid on the Sakura blossoms. The stage curtain in Kabuki theatres does not part in the middle and is pulled from one side of the stage to the other by a stagehand. The curtain is striped either in red, green and black, or red, green and white. The stripes in my pattern are pastel versions of these colours from the palette provided by MIID to go with the brief.

To create the sakura blossoms, I first painted a few in my sketchbook, and then scanned them. I opened the scan in Photoshop and made a custom sakura blossom brush.

Work in Progress:

Sakura Blossom Custom Photoshop Brush in Action

Finished Design Mockup: