Gold Steel Jewellery Designs

Here are some photos of my recent 3d printing projects! This is my first attempt at printing anything in Shapeways' gold steel option, and I loved how everything turned out! Pictured below, are four rings and a bangle.

3d Printed Gold Steel Jewellery by Squibble Design

The bangle is an experiment of sorts, I tried up-scaling one of the ring models. It turned out perfectly except for my own error - incorrectly measuring the inner diameter of one of my existing bangles. Unfortunately this means it is too small for me by just 4mm, but I will have it for sale on Saturday at Craft Central.

Ceramic Jet Plane Lolly Dish

As the Eskimo lolly dish turned out so well, I designed a test ceramic Jet Plane dish. It looks so cute, I will definitely be ordering more of these!


Blogging has taken back seat recently as I have been spending all my spare time preparing for the market this Saturday. I have a mountain of prints, stationery, jewellery, plushies, and accessories ready for my table and I can't wait! This is the only market I will be doing this year, so pop along and say hi!

Craft Central

Saturday 3rd October 10am - 3pm
St James Theatre