A little while ago I received the first proof of my Inktober Cats 2017 Zine. I have made a few edits since then and the zine is now available at Blurb.com.

I know this is a little late, but here is a video preview of the zine, which not only contains all the daily drawings but some preparatory sketches also!

Inktober Cats Book from Squibble Design on Vimeo.

Nocturnal Zine by Squibble Design

It's been a long time since I finished the Teacup LOLcats, so I decided to have a go at making a Zine for International Zine Month.

In July, between the MIID Summer School and preparing for the Typo Exhibition I squeezed in a one-page zine for International Zine Month.


Nocturnal is a one-page zine all about my cat's nightly adventures around the house. A neat aspect of the zine is the way that it is folded. When you have finished reading the zine, you can unfold it and there is a full-page pattern on the other side of the sheet which you can enjoy as a print!