Project 365

I came across Project 365 last year and have decided to try it for myself in 2015. The idea is that you take at least photo every single day, and then post it online. Here are the first few photos of 2015!

365 / 1

New Year's Day at Island Bay

Project 365 - Squibble - 1


365 / 2

Office Tidy - I finally have a second monitor again!

Project 365 - Squibble - 2

365 / 3

Brunch at Figg Cafe in Petone after a quick visit to NZique.

Project 365 - Squibble - 3

365 / 4

A honey-bee landed on the windscreen. I am normally a bit nervous about getting too close to bees, so this was the perfect opportunity to get a good photo! He seemed to have dropped some pollen on the glass, and we waited until he had cleaned it all up and had flown away.

Project 365 - Squibble - 4

365 / 5

A walk at dusk around Karori Park.

Project 365 - Squibble - 5

I hope you have all had a great start to 2015, I know I am looking forward to getting stuck in to lots of new projects! Happy New Year!