My routine is now back to normal after moving! As we are coming into summer here in New Zealand I am making an effort to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

New Kiwiana Jewellery at Black Door Gallery

Blog updates have been on hold as we are currently moving house. However everything should be back to normal by October. This means that a lot of my art supplies have been packed away but I have kept out basic drawing and painting tools as well as my sculpting tools.

Super Kawaii Exhibition

Hello! Since I last blogged, I have been to Melbourne (more on that next time), and am currently taking part in a group exhibition! The exhibition is 'Super Kawaii' and is on until 5pm this Sunday at Matchbox Studios in Wellington. If you are in the area, stop by and check it out! I have prints, plushies and jewellery in the exhibition.

Matchbox Studios
166 Cuba St
Te Aro

On a sunny afternoon in January after a long day of struggling with my dying laptop, I decided to go for a bike ride. This was easier said than done. The garage door refused to open, and I had to manouver the bike through the internal door, back it up the stairs, reach around to open the front door and then fend off the cat while lifting the bike down the stairs and out the door.


January Highlights:

  • Cycling after a stressful day of wrestling with a dying laptop.
  • A new computer! I replaced my laptop with a new iMac and have been loving the larger screen
  • Surprising a friend with high tea.
  • Art every day.