I discovered Planeshift in December. Planeshift is an open source MMORPG game that is fully free to play and run entirely by volunteers. That means all the coding, 3d models, art, animations, and textures are all made by people who care about the game. The project is constantly being worked on and improved, and as it is still under active development it is labelled a 'tech demo'.

I signed up for the 2d department, and got my first assignment last week! You can see my progress here, including pencil sketches of Hydlaa houses and architectural details that could be included in the game.

Joomla 1.6 Released

In other Open Source news, the long-awaited version 1.6 the Joomla CMS  was released on Monday. Download Joomla 1.6 here, or click here to learn more about the release on the Joomstew Podcast.

Photoshop CS5 Video Tutorials

Earlier in the week I was lucky enough to be finally able to upgrade to Photoshop CS5! If you are looking to get started with your new Adobe software, or are looking for online tutorials, I found was an excellent pace to get started. I am looking forward to playing with the new brush tools for my digital character painting!

Google to Drop Support for H.264 in Chrome Browser

On Tuesday Google announced through their Chromium blog that the Chrome browser will no longer support the H.264 video codec. Google stated that although '...H.264 plays an important role in video, as our goal is to enable open innovation, support for the codec will be removed and our resources directed towards completely open codec technologies.'

Although the change will not be immediate, many sites including the Google-run YouTube currently use the H.264 codec, so what will this mean for the future?

iPad 2?

Finally, there is a rumour that iPad2 will be released in the next couple of months, and a possible release date of February 1 has been suggested. Will it finally have the front and back-facing cameras that users have been asking for? This video of a possible dummy prototype of the iPad 2 was snuck out of CES 2011, and the device does indeed appear to have that front-facing camera.

This week I have been reorganising and preparing material for various personal projects in 2011!

I have been working hard on preparing a site that will be a collaborative craft project. As a result, the Squibbleworld Zazzle store will be deactivated this weekend. It was an interesting experiment, but I look forward to having more control over the types of products I can sell, and the way in which they are listed.

Starting from next week, I will be writing a 'Featured on Friday' blog post, which will highlight an interesting article, product, or project I have come across in my travels around the web. I am aiming to update the blog more often now that 2011 is getting underway.

You may have noticed that there was no Squibbleworld newsletter for December. This is because I am waiting to find out more information about two new projects before I share the details! Expect the next issue of the Squibbleworld newsletter to be out at the end of this month. In the meantime, you can browse the previous issues!
2010 was a great year for Squibbleworld, with some interesting additions to the personal and professional projects in my portfolio.

Web Design
This year I spent quite a bit of time learning about Joomla and how to build custom templates for Joomla sites. In 2011 I am hoping to offer custom Joomla templates for sale, although this is something that will not happen until midway through the year. and were both freelance projects on which I enjoyed working.

I'm excited about the new portfolio I installed on its own subdomain, and am looking forward to having all my projects for 2011 properly displayed and categorised!

Social Media
I had a lot of fun exploring the possibilities of social media this year, and found out very quickly that Twitter was indispensable for finding information and meeting like-minded web designers and artists. On the other hand 2010 was also the year in which I was very glad to say goodbye to Facebook and cancel my account.

Art and Craft:

I rounded out 2010 by taking a short course at Weltec focussing on drawing and character design. This was probably the highlight of the year, and I am looking forward to producing more mixed media artworks and extending my character design project.

Things to look out for in 2011:
- Collaborative art and craft project website
- Character design development
- Custom template designs
- and much much more!

Thank you to everyone who has visited and supported Squibbleworld in 2010! I am hoping 2011 will be even better!

Happy New Year everyone!

In the first part of this series on the Encaustic Transfer Mixed Media Process, we looked at how to prepare your collage for the transfer using the acrylic gel medium, and how to make and prepare your wax tablet for the application of the acrylic gel skin to its surface. All the hard work has been done, and now you need to adhere the acrylic skin to the surface of the wax properly.

* I tried to take photos of all parts of the process, but was not always able to take photos in class, while pouring hot wax for instance. I am hoping in the future to completely document the process or do a ustream broadcast!


This process includes the use of hot liquid wax, sharp craft knives and other hot/sharp/pointy items and tools that should not be used by children! This is not a simple process, and should definitely be done under adult supervision, so kids CHECK WITH YOUR PARENTS FIRST!

This project took several lessons to complete. The aim was to produce two mixed media encaustic transfer drawings on a micro-crystalline wax-covered board. Like a digital photo-montage made in photoshop, the work is produced in layers. These layers all incorporated drawing in some way, either on the paper or on the wax, and you could also paint on top of the clear gel medium after it dried.

It is the first time I have tried such a process, and I will definitely continue to make more of these in the future! It is quite an involved process, but it was lots of fun!