Here is a sneak peek at a recently finished client project! The purpose of the website is to showcase the oil-paintings of a local artist. I will post a more detailed run-down in the portfolio section next week!

Finally I can show you a sneak peek of one of the projects I have been working on! There is still a bit of styling to be done and also organisation of the various images and video of events, but it is almost there!

The Squibbleworld weblog is back online in its own subdomain. After some hosting hiccups a few weeks back I decided to separate the blog from the main site. Unfortunately I also had client work that had to be done so the Squibbleworld update had to take a back seat!

On the other hand I finally got a chance to rearrange the content, so the site will be easier to navigate. I am hoping to update the blog with some screenshots of the client projects I have been working on in the next week or two, so stay tuned! I also have some exciting news regarding an item that will help me push on with my current animation project!


I've been a bit busy recently with work, but I do like to take time to work on small projects to add a bit of variety to my portfolio. Remember last week's Nearly Daily Doodle? It was part of a submission for a competition. Unfortunately I missed the submission date with this competition entry for Bluebird's 'Do Us a Flavour', but I love how the graphics came out. I'm glad I went ahead and decided to finish colouring the sketch.


Bluebird, if you're reading this, Butter Chicken chips would be nice!



Parts of a sketch that I am working on for a project.


This is how the sketch looks after I have inked it and then scanned it as a black and white image. The next step will be to import the sketch into Flash and do a bitmap trace. I will then colour the outlines and fills using Toon Titan.