The Squibbleworld weblog is back online in its own subdomain. After some hosting hiccups a few weeks back I decided to separate the blog from the main site. Unfortunately I also had client work that had to be done so the Squibbleworld update had to take a back seat!

On the other hand I finally got a chance to rearrange the content, so the site will be easier to navigate. I am hoping to update the blog with some screenshots of the client projects I have been working on in the next week or two, so stay tuned! I also have some exciting news regarding an item that will help me push on with my current animation project!


I've been a bit busy recently with work, but I do like to take time to work on small projects to add a bit of variety to my portfolio. Remember last week's Nearly Daily Doodle? It was part of a submission for a competition. Unfortunately I missed the submission date with this competition entry for Bluebird's 'Do Us a Flavour', but I love how the graphics came out. I'm glad I went ahead and decided to finish colouring the sketch.


Bluebird, if you're reading this, Butter Chicken chips would be nice!



Parts of a sketch that I am working on for a project.


This is how the sketch looks after I have inked it and then scanned it as a black and white image. The next step will be to import the sketch into Flash and do a bitmap trace. I will then colour the outlines and fills using Toon Titan.

'Octopus I Love You'




Inspired by the cheeky octopus who stole the Kiwi diver's video camera.

A little while ago, I was lucky enough to win a sketch of my favourite Bug Pudding character, along with a printed version of one of the comic strips suitable for framing. The artwork arrived today and I cannot wait to get it framed, so I can hang it above my drawing desk!



(I apologise for the photo quality, these were taken quickly on my lunchbreak shortly after they arrived in the mail!)