'Octopus I Love You'




Inspired by the cheeky octopus who stole the Kiwi diver's video camera.

A little while ago, I was lucky enough to win a sketch of my favourite Bug Pudding character, along with a printed version of one of the comic strips suitable for framing. The artwork arrived today and I cannot wait to get it framed, so I can hang it above my drawing desk!



(I apologise for the photo quality, these were taken quickly on my lunchbreak shortly after they arrived in the mail!)


{rokbox title=|Painted Plum Flowers :: Free Wallpaper| size=|1600 800|}images/wallpaper/paintedplumflowers.jpg{/rokbox}


I haven't been able to upload any free wallpaper for the last couple of weeks as I have had a lot of work  to do! Apologies for the delay, and here is this week's free wallpaper made using my own photos of a plum tree blooming in spring, and free 'tossing paint' images from Media Militia.


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I had been thinking about deleting my Facebook account for a while, so yesterday I finally did it. I also deleted the Squibbleworld fan page. The majority of the content on the Fan Page was just a direct feed from my Twitter account, so I think that for the foreseeable future I will be offering any extra content right here on the Squibbleworld website.

If at some point in the future I get enough interest, and I find a secure alternative to Facebook I will consider opening a new account elsewhere.

In the meantime, the Squibbleworld Twitter account is still going strong, and you can always leave a comment on the blog!


There's quite a bit going on at Squibbleworld this weekend! There is some scheduled maintenance happening with possible downtime while the site is being updated. I am hoping everyting will be running smoothly by Monday, but I will post updates on the Squibbleworld Twitter account if anything takes longer than expected.


This week has also been quite busy at the Teacup LOLcats store, with two new products for sale! The first is a Lawrence the Slow Loris T-Shirt, and the Second is a BBQ apron inspired by Teacup LOLcats strip #18. The design for the BBQ apron is a reworking of the last two panels of the comic strip, and features the punchline: 'OMGWTFBIEBERQ!' For those of you who, like myself, only recently became aware of the prepubescent teen pop-star who recently caused such a ruckus in Australia, this item should be just the thing to amuse you while you slap another prawn on the barbie.


Look out for the continuation of Teacup LOLcats next week, will Lawrence finally get his comeuppance? We can only hope!