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This is a piece of concept art for Squibble's World that became a digital painting. I couldn't help it, I was having too much fun!

This week's free wallpaper is inspired by the lovely underwater scenes in The Princess and the Frog.

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I also wanted to try my hand at digital Bokeh in Photoshop. However there are so many examples of this particular effect around at the moment, that I didn't want to produce something that looked the same as all the others.

I followed this tutorial at abduzeedo.com, but made a few changes along the way just for fun.


Instead of making the Fill Opacity of the bokeh brush 50%, I went for 100% opacity and made the interior a pale grey colour.

I made a grey gradient for the background instead of a coloured gradient.

I chose the colours I wanted for the bubbles and painted them on different layers: bright green, light blue, red, and yellow. Then I played with the Opacity and layer styles of each layer until I got the effect I wanted.

Any questions? Ask me on Twitter!


I recently discovered Odosketch, but only started using it in the last couple of days. Odosketch is an online drawing app that offers a limited range of colours but is surprisingly versatile. If you need to doodle, but can't find your drawing pad then this might just do the trick.


Having seen Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are, as a fan of the original picture book by Maurice Sendak I have to say I was greatly disappointed. The spirit of the original story seemed to have disappeared and the design of the Wild Things' island did not remind me in any way of the wonderful illustrations in Sendak's book.

However, last night while surfing Youtube I found this early Disney CG animation test for their version of Where the Wild Things Are from 1983. Max is animated traditionally, and is seen running through the 3d house after his dog. According to the Neatorama website, this method was considered too expensive and John Lasseter was fired from Disney shortly after making this test.


{rokbox title=|2010 :: Free Wallpaper| size=|800 400|}images/wallpaper/2010wallpaper.jpg{/rokbox}

I hope you all enjoyed the holidays! I know it's a bit late, but here is a '2010' wallpaper, free for you to download! The font is 'Creaky Frank', and I also used one of Greenspoon's smoke brushes for Photoshop as a final touch!


Coming Up in January:

  • Another Teacup LOLcats comic
  • a new layout
  • more concept art!

Thank you for visiting Squibbleworld in 2009, 2010 will be even better! Don't forget, you can follow Squibbleworld on Twitter!