This is part of a larger design that I am working on for a T-shirt. Can you guess which Teacup LOLcats character this is?



I thought I'd upload a few photos from Armageddon. I'd never been before and it was a lot of fun! I took a photo of René Auberjonois, not because I am a Deep Space Nine fan, but because he was the voice of Louis the Chef in The Little Mermaid.





{rokbox title=|3d Elements in Blue :: Free Wallpaper| size=|1600 800|}images/wallpaper/3d1.jpg{/rokbox}


This one uses free 3d elements from Media Militia. Enjoy!

I found these while going through some old sketches. I decided to upload them here again because I like them so much. There may be another (new) Nearly Daily Doodle on the weekend!


2d is dead!

This is what we heard since Disney’s less-than-impressive Home on the Range on 2004. Between then and now, 3d movies were pumped out one after the other. 3d was heralded as the Next Big Thing. However, in the rush to jump on the 3d bandwagon, plot and storyline were often left behind.