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I hope you all enjoyed the holidays! I know it's a bit late, but here is a '2010' wallpaper, free for you to download! The font is 'Creaky Frank', and I also used one of Greenspoon's smoke brushes for Photoshop as a final touch!


Coming Up in January:

  • Another Teacup LOLcats comic
  • a new layout
  • more concept art!

Thank you for visiting Squibbleworld in 2009, 2010 will be even better! Don't forget, you can follow Squibbleworld on Twitter!


Just for fun, a few weeks ago I decided to enter the TVNZ Ratchet and Clank competition. The object was to design a weapon that could be used in the new game 'Ratchet and Clank Future'. The design also had to be annotated, describing how the parts worked. I drew the design, scanned it and then coloured it in Painter. Final effects and text were added in Photoshop. While I was not a finalist, I had a great time with this poster and learnt a lot of new ways to experiment with Painter. Here is my entry:



I've been working on improving Ketchup's design, and have decided I don't like how the paws appear a bit like hooves. Originally I wanted Ketchup's design to echo that of Squibble, who has no fingers or toes and is all round shapes. However, this approach doesn't seem to work on a cat's paws! Here are two versions of Ketchup with and without toes. There are also some other character development sketches on the same sheets.



This week's sketch is also part of the same project as last week's (Nearly) Daily Doodle. As such the final image in the progression you see here is still not finished. I did a lot more work on the monkey image when it was incorporated into the final painting! When I am happy with my pencil sketch, I go over it with markers then scan it as a black and white image at 600dpi. I then import that scanned image into flash and clean up the lineart. While I am in flash I colour the lineart and add flat colour to the image. This acts as a guide for base colours when I import the file into a program like Painter or Photoshop in order to paint it.


{rokbox title=|Screaming Monkey - From Sketch to Digital Painting.| size=|800 255|}images/digitalart/screamingmonkeyprogression.jpg{/rokbox}


I am hoping to upload the complete painting in a week or two, and there should be another Teacup LOLcats comic in the works over the weekend.

This week's chosen doodle is something a little different:


{rokbox title=|(Nearly) Daily Doodle :: 2| size=|800 255|}images/doodles/2.jpg{/rokbox}


This started out as a doodle for a larger project but I decided to start colouring the doodle and it is going rather well. The original was a pencil sketch and I am currently using Painter to colour it. If all goes well, I will finish it and add effects in photoshop. Stay tuned!