The weather started to get quite chilly in May, but I didn't let that stop me from getting out and about and crafting!

The Squibble Design Shapeways store is open! My 3d printed metal, ceramic and plastic designs are now in stock!

Squibble Design on Shapeways

You may have noticed that my Project 365 posts fell by the wayside a few months back. It got into the middle of winter and there was a week where I didn't go out at all because the weather was so bad. This put a damper on my efforts as I was already behind uploading all my photos to Flickr. I am quite keen to try a wi-fi enabled SD card for my digital camera - this would allow me to transfer photos I like immediately to my iPhone or iPad so I can edit them on the spot and upload them at once.

As I was so far behind, I decided to let the project go for a little while, although I continued to enjoy taking photos whenever I could.

This included a fun experiment with an original Polaroid OneStep, learning how to use manual settings on my digital camera, and many photos on a recent trip to Auckland.

I thought I would post some of the best photos from each month starting with April:

Wellington in November

Halloween is usually a bit of a non-event here in New Zealand. The event that I really look forward to at this time of year is Guy Fawkes. Here in Wellington there is always a huge fireworks display on the waterfront, and this year there was also a small carnival! I love the cheesy and slightly creepy atmosphere of carnival sideshow attractions, and this one did not disappoint!


Watch legendary Disney animator Glen Keane draw ‘The Little Mermaid’ and 'The Beast' In Virtual Reality:

Glen Keane – Step into the Page from Future Of StoryTelling on Vimeo.

The Iron Giant is being released and Duncan Studio is Providing the animation for new sequences

Cartoon Brew talks to Genndy Tartakovsky about ‘Hotel Transylvania 2,’ ‘Popeye,’ ‘Can You Imagine?’ and one of my favourite animated shows: ‘Samurai Jack’

Check out this collection of Classic Disney Walk/Run Cycles on Flickr by Animation Resources

Fifteen minutes of lost animation by Terry Gilliam for Monty Python and the Holy Grail have been released on Youtube!

Web Design

Flinto for Mac is the prototyping tool designers have been waiting for.

Create Apple Devices with this CSS Generator

How To Do Knockout Text with CSS

Create 3D Shapes in CSS with Tridiv Editor

Project Comet is a new user experience, prototyping and design app by Adobe

Display your design in a web browser with

Ustwo , the creator of my favourite iPad game Monument Valley, launches a new VR game - Land's End


This artist spent six months planting 1.2 Acres to recreate Van Gogh’s Painting ‘Olive Trees’

These wire animal sculptures look like life-size scribbled drawings suspended in mid-air

Just for Fun:

If you haven't seen it yet here is the first full trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens! I was not quite in time to get tickets to the midnight session, but I do have tickets for the evening of the 17th!

Finally, the Ikea advert for their new Cheras store gets cute and creative with puppetry. Get Cheras to Ikea!