Stocking up for Winter

Winter essentials - thick fluffy socks and lip balm!


Finished Printed Leather Notebook Prototype

My first finished printed leather traveller's notebook prototype, pictured here with the larger un-printed version I originally made for my sketchbooks.


Detail Shot of New Printed Leather Notebook Designs

Getting ready to cut and trim the notebooks.


Helper Cat


Printed Items from Society6 Arrived!



Bright Watercolours for the Make It In Design Summer School 2015


Impossible Project Film Test

Two of the best photos from my first try using Impossible Project film in my Polaroid Land camera 1000! I did my best to shade the film as it came out of the camera, but shooting in the cold weather did not help much either. As Impossible Project have their own chemical formulas, this early version of their film is a little unstable. The newer 2.0 versions are supposed to be more stable, so I am looking forward to trying those out!



Experimental Sand Art for the MIID Summer School


Pizza Heaven


A Visit to the National War Memorial


First 3d Printed Ceramic Design!


No Ideas?


Pattern Design For a Zine

July is International Zine Month, so I decided to try and make a foldable one-page zine. This is the pattern I created from the panels to be printed on the back. The zine can be unfolded completely, and the back can be used as a poster.




Inside the Embassy Theatre


First Group Exhibition for the Year! Typo at Matchbox Studios


Who, Me?


Finished Zine!


Hot Chocolate at the Film Festival


June was cold but busy! I got stuck into several projects and finally tried out laser-cutting for the first time.

I created the model for my laser-cut project in Google Sketchup and then used a plugin to split the 3d model out into separate faces. I had a few hiccups getting the final file ready, but the folks at Ponoko were very helpful and checked my file over to make sure it would be okay to cut!

My new portfolio is finally online at! This is something I had been meaning to do for ages. I built my own from scratch, but decided to try out Adobe's My Portfolio service as it syncs with my Behance profile.

I had previously set up my portfolio using the SimplePie plugin to sync with Behance, but support for the plugin eventually stopped and then I was back to updating every new project manually.

Hopefully this new portfolio will be much easier to update and manage!


The weather started to get quite chilly in May, but I didn't let that stop me from getting out and about and crafting!

The Squibble Design Shapeways store is open! My 3d printed metal, ceramic and plastic designs are now in stock!

Squibble Design on Shapeways