Happy New Year everyone! Hope you have all had a good holiday, I am back and ready to go!

One of the things you might have noticed if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram is that I have started streaming on Twitch.

I will be streaming my art projects on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and am currently working on an oil pinting of a Victorian bunny. I may also stream games eventually as I have quite a few drawing and art games.

Here is a timelapse video of my most recent stream, I will be working on this painting again on Thursday.

Victorian Bunny Oil Painting Timelapse - Third Session from SquibbleDesign on www.twitch.tv

This month I am also enrolled in the MIID Winter design school, so I will be busy making patterns throughout January and February. I have already started on the briefs for the intermediate and advanced tracks, here is a sneak peek:

MIID Winter School WIP

Finally, one of my goals for 2018 is to improve my digital painting. I love making graphics, but my actual digital painting skills are in need of drastic improvement! I have had a few breakthoughs recently, and have been trying out these Photoshop sketch brushes from Macalabs. I think with regular practice I should see good progress. I am posting progress photos on my instagram account and will do a round-up here when I have a few more under my belt!

Thank you for your support in 2017, bring on 2018!

Last weekend I finally walked top of Mt Vic, it was hard but worth when we got to the summit! We got there just in time before the clouds started to roll in, then walked all the way back down again. I was pretty tired by that point and we ended the day with an ice cream and a walk along the waterfront before heading home.

Inktober is an annual drawing challenge in the month of October. The aim of the challenge is to complete one ink drawing every day in October and post the drawing online.

I not only managed to complete one drawing every day, but also streamed my drawing live on Twitch twenty-nine out of the thirty-one days in October.

To make the challenge easier I mostly used only grey Copic markers with some splashes of colour. I did do two full-colour sketches and even managed to squeeze in some animation. On the very last day I even got to use some special gold ink. I followed the prompts each day, but stuck to an overall theme of cats.

November Wallpaper Pack

A little late due to Inktober, but the November calendar freebie pack is now available from my Gumroad shop!

The Lux Light Festival is held on Wellington's waterfront every year in Midwinter.