Zoo Day 2014

I have been knocked out with the flu this week, so here are some photos from a recent zoo trip a couple of weekends ago. I was amazed at how close I was able to get to some of the animals, and even though the day was very cold the sun kept shining!

I was working on some new clothing designs before I got sick, so I will post an update on those soon!

Squibble's Day At the Zoo - June 2014

Work in Progress and Digital Doodles

The last few weeks have been very busy and I have been working hard on some new projects.

Here is a sneak preview of some of my current work in progress and digital doodles. Some of these photos are from my Instagram feed, I quite often use it to post quick snaps of work in progress!

Chocolate Digital Painting Test Squibble Design

A Visit to Wellington Botanics

I did find time to go on an outing to the Wellington Botanic Gardens a couple of weekends ago and luckily the weather was good enough to take some lovely photos. I was even lucky enough to see a cheeky native Kaka parrot happily stripping the bark of a tree.

Outside the Hot House



Peace Garden

Tiny Mushrooms

Curious Kaka

Red Berries

The Rose Gardens

View Over the City

View over the City 2

Purple Rose

Red Roses

White Poppy

Orange Poppies

Yellow Poppy Closeup

I did not get round to posting about my copy of the Teacup LOLcats comic book which arrived a little while ago!

I ordered the paperback version, and am very happy with the quality of the paper and the printing. The shipping was reasonably fast once the book was completed, and was extremely well-packaged. Seeing as we are well into winter here in New Zealand, I was worried that the book may get damaged in transit. I didn't have to worry at all, as the book arrived in a sturdy box, and was wrapped in plastic as well as a protective then foam layer. This was a relief as I have had books that were simply shipped in a plain cardboard envelope arrive ruined in the middle of a rainy New Zealand winter.

I have started taking oil painting classes and had my first afternoon session on Sunday. Each class is four and a half hours long but that meant I didn't feel rushed and came away with two new pieces of art.

I have never used oils before at all so was a bit nervous and the teacher showed me some basic painting and glazing techniques. After a test run with charcoal, I tried the same still life subject in oils:

Test Still Life Oil Painting by Squibble - Apple

Then I chose a new subject and applied those same techniques here also, still working with just one colour:

In the News:

Previously Undiscovered Andy Warhol Works Discovered on Floppy Disks from 1985

This article from Studio for Creative Inquiry describes how the images were extracted from a set of Amiga floppy disks in The Andy Warhol Museum.

From the Museum's Press Release:

'Warhol’s Amiga experiments were the result of a commission by Commodore International to demonstrate the computer’s graphic arts capabilities. They vary from doodles and camera shots of a desktop, to experimenting with Warhol’s classic images of a banana, Marilyn Monroe, Campbell’s soup, and portraits. One artwork resulted from the series, a portrait of Debbie Harry. This artwork is in The Warhol’s collection, but the other images on the disks had been inaccessible due to their obsolete format, since entering the collection in 1994.'

The Dig: Uncovering the Atari E.T. Games Buried in New Mexico Desert

Did you know that the worst video game ever made is said to be Atari's E.T. produced in 1982? The game was made as a tie-in to Spielberg's film but was so terrible it was said that thousands of unsold copies of the game were deliberately buried in a landfill in Almagordo, New Mexico. In some versions of the myth the video games were said to have been encased in concrete before they were buried, although this is probably due to the fact that in 1983 the city poured a layer of concrete over the dumping area for safety purposes.

The burial was widely believed to be an urban legend... until now.

A team working in New Mexico have just uncovered what is believed to be the legendary cache of video games, along with what looks like other buried Atari hardware and software.

Read more about the dig on IGN.

Tips and Resources:

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Out and About in Wellington April 2013

Around the Wellington Waterfront

Wellington Waterfront April 2014

Wellington Waterfront April 2014

Wellington Waterfront April 2014

Wellington Waterfront April 2014

Adventures with film - Experimenting with a Diana F+

Cat Closeup - Diana F+

Cat Closeup with blue filter - Diana F+, double exposure.