SVG Conversion - Adobe Moleskine App

Recently I have been testing out some iOS apps from Adobe that export your your drawings and sketches to Creative Cloud.

Although I have the free Creative Cloud account with 2GB of storage, I do not use any CC apps as I already have Adobe Photoshop CS 5.5 and use Bohemian Sketch for vector designs.

However, It has still been fun to play around with Adobe Shape, the Adobe Creative Cloud Moleskine app, and Adobe Illustrator Draw. I can access most of the files created by the apps with my Creative Cloud storage account and re-use them elsewhere.

For years I have been using my little wacom Graphire 4" x 6" 3 tablet, and I love it. It's reliable, and portable. I like the fact that I can slip it into my laptop case and take it anywhere. However I really need a tablet that has pressure-sensitivity enabled, and the little Graphire is just too old.

Until I am able to get a better tablet, I may have found a temporary solution: Inklet.

Inklet is a piece of software that allows you to turn the trackpad on your any Mac built after 2009 running at least OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard into a tiny pressure-sensitive tablet. It can be used in conjunction with Photoshop and many other graphics programs. You have the option to use your finger, or a stylus.

The software is made by Ten One Design, the same company that produces the Pogo stylus for iPhones and iPod Touch. Inklet is $24.95, but you can download it and try it out first!

Until January 31st, Toon Boom is giving away free copies of Flip Boom Doodle.

Flip Boom Doodle is an introductory animation package, designed to make it easy to create animated content on both Mac and PC platforms.

The target audience for the software is young children who wish to learn to animate. However, seeing as it's normally $29 US, I decided to give it a go.

Quick Test and Demo:

I downloaded my copy this morning after filling out the registration form and receiving the registration key via email.


Flip Boom Workspace


On the face of it the software looks simplistic, and the interface is brightly coloured with large bright icons designed to appeal to small budding animators. On the other hand, the package does include essential drawing and animating tools, including a 'Draw Behind' tool.